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STAHLWERK Welding Germany - Welding Technology and Equipment

STAHLWERK Welding Germany - Welding Technology and Equipment

The company STAHLWERK Welders Germany e.K. was founded in 1998 and we focus on the development of high-quality welding technology. Industry, professionals and ambitioned consumers use our products every day. The formula we chose for our business philosophy is simple.

Motivation, Competence and best quality at best prices
Attention to detail is very important for us. Therefore, it is no coincidence that more than 60,000 customers throughout Europe trust our high product standards and the best possible service

Do today – what others are thinking of tomorrow
Who wants to ensure in the future global competitive advantages, has to identify trends early and help shape it. Enthusiastic customers confirm our success, that we offer high-quality, customized products and solutions. Our corporate strategy is successful on the international markets. Our offices and partners are located in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary.

Perfect Technology
Innovation, engagement and competence make it possible, that we are able to offer the best products to the best prices. Easily and directly - we meet the highest expectations of industry and consumers.

Highly motivated employees - one reason for our success
To further confirm the strong position the „Stahlwerk" in the long term and to ensure optimal care of our customers, our employees are constantly trained and brought on the latest technical developments. They are specialists in their field, know their tasks, bring in new ideas, thus confirming our claim to a top position in the international markets daily.

Service is a top priority. Each customer has his own personal account manager, who support the customer in the execution of his appointment or assist him for questions and advice. Take advantage from our services.
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